Red Fuse's Digital Natives internship is an opportunity for 12 students from public and private high schools to get real world experience in advertising and marketing. Interns work in teams on various campaigns for Colgate-Palmolive. Red Fuse's leading industry experts work as mentors to guide the interns throughout the program. In just three weeks, interns gain lifelong friends and network connections and develop teamwork, leadership, advertising and presentation skills. Like Red Fuse, our Digital Natives internship is global and has programs in New York, Mumbai, Paris, and will be commencing in  Hong Kong.



What are the hours?


What is Red Fuse? What do they do?

Red Fuse is a media and communications company that handles advertising for the Colgate-Palmolive Group.

Is this just an office helper experience?

No, interns do real marketing work– from building campaigns to presenting to clients.

What exactly do we do?

After lessons on advertising and presentation skills, interns receive briefs from Red Fuse’s clients and generate ideas for ad campaigns to present to workers in the industry.

Whom do you work with?

You work with mentors from Red Fuse such as Helen Apostolidis (Chief Talent Officer), Lisa Reid ( Chief of Staff), the Intern Coordinator, and your fellow interns.

Where is the office located?

The office is located at 3 Columbus Circle.

Do we go out for lunch? Can we leave the building?

Lunch is provided everyday. (All dietary needs are be met). You cannot leave the building during working hours except on trips.

When do you get the email confirmation that you got the internship?

You get the email about 3 weeks after the application deadline.

What should I wear?

The office is very casual. Just do not wear flip flops or athletic shorts.

What is atmosphere of the office?

Very welcoming!